How to conceive a baby boy: Positions to conceive a boy

How to conceive a baby boy start from the gender of embryos during pregnancy has always been a mystery to many, and there are numerous myths on how to have a boy. While some of the myths may seem to be utter and complete nonsense, there are also a number of tips that many have claimed to work. Those who are looking to learn how to have a boy will want to consider all of the different factors that are involved with pregnancy, and fertilization.

Those who are interested on how to conceive a baby boy should highly consider the difference in process in having girls and boys. With today's technology, parents can easily determine the gender of their baby within weeks of being impregnated. Some parents may even go as far as implanting eggs that were fertilized and determined to be boys in order to attain the desired gender; however, parents looking for a natural method of attaining boys should consider the following options.

How sperm works?
The sperm is the sole determining factor on whether the baby will be a boy or a girl. The genes of a baby is made up of genetic material from both the mother and the father. The egg will always carry an X gamete while the sperm may consider a Y or an X. Sperms that carry a Y gamete will lead to baby boys. According to numerous different researches that have been performed by scientists, Y bearing sperm will generally die before X bearing sperm. With this in mind, couples looking to learn how to have a boy should highly consider mapping out the female's ovulation cycle and perform sexual intercourse 12 hours or so before ovulaton with the male ejaculating within the female. The menstrual and ovulation cycle can be pinpointed with a basal body temperature chart.
how to conceive a baby boy

Sexual position effect?
Sexual positions to conceive a boy can also help. It is important to place the location of ejaculation as close to the cervix as possible in order to ensure that the Y bearing sperm will be able to reach the egg in a more efficient manner. By shortening the distance required to reach the egg, less sperm will have died, and more would have been able to reach the destination. Many claim that positions where the male is more active will generally be able to provide better chances of getting a baby boy; however, this is debatable. Most of the time, experts would recommend standing positions or positions to conceive a boy where the male is on top.

Other than sexual positions to conceive a boy and ovulation cycle, some experts have claimed that the mother's diet could also affect the gender of the baby. Those looking to learn how to have a boy should highly consider switching their diet to a plan that is more favorable to boys. Experts have recommended consuming red meat and having saltier diets; however, the efficiency of this plan is still debated upon. Others have claimed that regular consumption of caffeine could help couples get a baby boy.

There are other tips on how to have a boy. Many experts have claimed that if the male were to wear boxers, it would increase the chance of having a boy as the boxers would cool the temperature of the scrotum which is the location where sperm is produced.

Others have claimed that orgasm time can also help those looking to learn how to have a boy. Many myths claim that if the male was to orgasm first, and the female was to orgasm after, it would cause the sperm to be pushed closer to the egg. Since Y bearing sperm tend to die out faster, this will ensure that more of the sperm will be able to travel to the egg before dying out.

how to conceive a baby boy

positions to conceive a boy

While determining the gender of the baby can be quite important, technology nowadays can provide couples with the information that they need on how to have a boy. This will include invitro fertilization, and other types of methods; however, many claim that these all-natural methods are also effective. There are numerous different types of myths that claim that they are able to affect the gender of the baby. Since very few research has been performed in this area, it is difficult to determine the effectiveness of the tips, and whether there are higher probabilities to getting a baby boy by following the tips.

"Formula" (Making) Children [Women or Men]

Want to have a baby boy or girl?

Male sperm contains the X and Y sperm, sperm X and Y determine the woman is the man. Based on physiological characteristics of sperm above, geneticists theorize in choosing to give birth to a baby boy or girl.

food 1.Faktor

If you want a baby girl
Husband should eat foods that contain a lot of Alkaline, while his wife eat a lot of acidic foods.

Foods that contain a lot of alkaline are: vegetables, fruits, egg whites, milk, and seaweed.
Foods that contain a lot of acid is meat and sea food (seafood).

If you want a baby boy.
Husband had a lot of foods that contain a lot of acid, while the wife had a lot of foods that contain a lot of alkaline (see above foods).

2.Faktor Time (When did intercourse)

If you want a baby girl.
Frequent intercourse on the days before the menstrual period.

If you want a baby boy.
Frequent intercourse during the menstrual period and approaching or immediately after the menstrual period.

How to know the time of menstruation?
Temperatures or increased body temperature (you can use a pedometer and record body temperature).

3.Faktor penetration (stab)

If you want a baby girl.
Husband should avoid deep puncture into the genital wife at the time of intercourse.

If you want a baby boy.
It is advisable to make a deep puncture by the husband at the time of intercourse.

Character of X and Y spermatozoa
Sperm X: Marathon runner (much) with high stamina (strong)
Y sperm runner sprinting (fast) with lackluster stamina (weak)
So, with a deep puncture, the possibilities for the Y sperm to reach the goal will be greater.

4.Faktor Stimulus

If you want a baby girl.
Wife should avoid stimulation during intercourse. Secretion discharge from the genitals concentration becomes alkaline when stimulated, this will encourage activity spematozoa Y.

If you want a baby boy.
Horny husband and wife after ejaculation.

Preparation 5.Faktor Wife

If you want a baby girl.
Vaginal washing with a solution of two tablespoons of white vinegar diluted in one liter of clean water. This is done so that the condition becomes acid decreases activity of Y spermatozoon.

If you want a baby boy.
Vaginal washing with a solution of two tablespoons of baking soda mixed in one liter of clean water.

6.Faktor Position

If you want a baby girl.
Position wife at the time of intercourse than their husbands.

If you want a baby boy.
Husband's position at the time of intercourse is over the wife. This follows the properties of Y spermatozoon will quickly towards the target (the egg).

For plans with a child over and anyone who will need a plan for the future, the table below will help you to predict the gender of a child who will be born.
Accuracy of the table below have been proven by thousands of people and it is believed to be 99% accurate.
Believe it or not.

The technique produces a baby's sex

Sperm are of 2 types:
X sperm (for female)
Y sperm (for male)

Sperm X has the following characteristics:
- The greater
- Movement slower
- Has a lifespan of more than 72 hours (3 days), rata2 5 days, 7 days even ever recorded
- More resistant to the acidic environment of the vagina

Y sperm have the following characteristics:
- The smaller
- Move faster
- Has the longest lifespan of 48 hours (2 days)
- More resistant to alkaline pH environment of the vagina.

How to determine ovulation with basal body temperature, transvaginal ultrasound, with a calculator ovulation or ovulation predictor test kit.

To get a baby boy:

1) make contact on the day of ovulation and the day tomorrow is also (still in the fertile period).

2) When a man is about to ejaculate: the deepest possible penetration, try the volume of semen that comes out as much as possible, as much as possible, as close to the cervix, liquids do not spill out, try to keep the fluid accumulates in the vagina near the cervix until the morning, that both x and sperm and a lot of successful sperm to swim into the uterus in a shorter time. To reach it use the MOT (man on top) or missionaries.

3) The number of sperm that the more opportunities being male, and therefore do not touch during the 7 days before the day of ovulation-related targets (note: the fertile period is + - 1 day after / before ovulation) goal for the volume of sperm issued to a maximum and no sperm x remaining life (sperm from a previous relationship). Additional notes: do not touch for 3-5 days is enough to maximize the volume of sperm.

To get a baby girl:

1) make connections every 2 days (ie Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, etc.) from the start of menstruation stops, stay in touch 3 days in a row before stopping in touch for 3 days before ovulation, and then do not touch it again until the egg is fertilized. goal for x amount of sperm that are still in the womb much (accumulation of previous hubungan2) and no sperm and still living life in the womb before ovulation. Men are encouraged bath / spa warm water before intercourse.

2) When a man is about to ejaculate: the deepest possible penetration, try the volume of semen that comes out as much as possible, as much as possible, as close to the cervix, liquids do not spill out, try to keep the fluid accumulates in the vagina near the cervix until the morning, that both x and sperm and a lot of successful sperm to swim into the uterus in a shorter time. To reach it use the MOT (man on top) or missionaries.

10 Common Causes of Difficult Women Pregnant

Fertility problems can be caused by women or men with a variety of lifestyles to health reasons. As quoted from the Mayo Clinic, 10-15% of couples who have infertility in the United States are caused due to health reasons in women or men. Causes of pregnant women is generally difficult due to ovulation problems, where the release of a mature egg which then travels to the fallopian tube to be fertilized. Common signs in pregnant women is difficult menstruation period abnormal or irregular ovulation problems.

Below are some of the reasons women have difficulty conceiving due to ovulation problems:
1. Early Menoupause

Shortages or loss of menstruation is characterized by ovarian follicles before women entered the age of 40 years. Women entering menoupause when ovarian function and menstruation stops. Early menopause can be caused by radiation that triggers immunity in the body of the woman.

2. Damage On Line Egg (Tuba)

Blockage or presence of abdominal tissue due meradangnya fallopian tubes thereby affecting fertility. Damage is caused due to infection by a sexually transmitted disease chlamydia teruatama. Other cases may be due to blockage of the stage of disease due to inflammation after surgery or an ectopic pregnancy.

3. Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS)

Is a condition that results in the production of androgen hormones and one of the causes of infertility in women. This imbalance would lead to PCOS problems with ovulation and menstruation cycle disruption.

4. Endometriosis

Uterine tissue growing on the outside of the uterus that affect the ovaries, fallopian tubes, the egg, the uterus and sperm function. In mild cases, conception may occur because not all women experience fertility problems.

5. Ovary scarring

Physical damage to the ovaries can affect a woman's ovulation, this damage can be caused due to a cyst surgically ovararium. Constant operation will result in a wider abdomen tissue, follicles attached will cause interference with the process of ovulation is incomplete.

6. Adhesion Pelvis

Abdominal tissue due to pelvic surgery, appendectomy will interfere with fertility that alter the structure of the fallopian tubes and experiencing the difficult journey to the female egg. So often cause disturbances in fertility due to travel through obstructed channels.

7. Thyroid Problems

Hipertitodisme this condition due to abnormal thyroid gland is overactive, while thyroid hipotorodisme a thyroid condition due to inactivity, both of these conditions can cause fertility problems in women.

8. Treatment of Cancer

When undergoing radiotherapy it may interfere with cancer treatment and result in male or female reproductive system disrupted. This study showed a decrease in fertility due to the side effects of radiation. However this condition will depend on the body part exposed.

9. Lifestyle

Habit with unhealthy lifestyle can affect the fertility of one of them when you are addicted to cigarettes or fast food which contains a lot of unhealthy fats. Note also the consumption of drugs that can cause fertility problems, try to consult a doctor for the prevention of certain drugs.

10. Age

Lastly, age affects fertility, women who have more than 40 years of age will have a number of egg cells are less healthy and less so when the pregnancy at this age would be at risk of miscarriage is higher.

How to get pregnant quickly after a miscarriage

Do you want to know how to get pregnant quickly after a miscarriage? Hopefully this article can help you to get the answer.

But it would be better if you consult with experts in the field of content to obtain information more clear and complete. The information provided this article should help you get a kid again would be a dream almost all couples who are already married, but in fact the reality is often not as beautiful as our dreams.

Sometimes couples have a baby who almost had to swallow disappointment because of the occurrence of miscarriage. For couples who have experienced miscarriage, usually assume that having a baby is a difficult thing to do. Here are some tips for those who are looking for quick ways to get pregnant after miscarriage :

Avoiding Stress
Often after having a miscarriage there is a mental burden that appears. Usually couples so easy to feel the stress and fear that plagued the incidence of miscarriages happen again. Well, you should know that it is precisely such anxiety is a major stressor. Fear of recurrence of miscarriage to be one cause of the difficulty couples have children again. Should you surrender to God, do not make it as a burden. Try to relax and enjoy every moment you are together with your partner. You can also consult with the people who can be considered a spiritual teacher you to get useful advice for you and your partner.

Looking for a new atmosphere
Still related to the tips first, you and your partner can find a place and a new atmosphere to refresh your relationship. It's good you are trying to find a new atmosphere by visiting romantic places together with a partner. Indonesia has many beautiful place that has a romantic atmosphere. The atmosphere is anticipated to make you and your partner feel more relaxed and able to enjoy the moments of togetherness with a comfortable and quiet.

Maintaining the health and endurance
Another thing that should not be forgotten of course is the condition of your body and your partner. It's important to maintain body condition due to excellent body condition will have positive influence on fertility and also your mental state.

Therefore, one of the important things you must do, especially when trying to conceive after a miscarriage is to maintain your nutritional intake and couples. Consumption of food and beverages with balanced nutrition. Complete also with regular exercise. If possible, do the exercise with a partner. This can make exercise more fun.

Those are some quick tips on how to get pregnant after a miscarriage. You can try it and do not forget to consult your gynecologist regularly. Always think positive, enjoy life and surrender to the Almighty.

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