10 Common Causes of Difficult Women Pregnant

Fertility problems can be caused by women or men with a variety of lifestyles to health reasons. As quoted from the Mayo Clinic, 10-15% of couples who have infertility in the United States are caused due to health reasons in women or men. Causes of pregnant women is generally difficult due to ovulation problems, where the release of a mature egg which then travels to the fallopian tube to be fertilized. Common signs in pregnant women is difficult menstruation period abnormal or irregular ovulation problems.

Below are some of the reasons women have difficulty conceiving due to ovulation problems:
1. Early Menoupause

Shortages or loss of menstruation is characterized by ovarian follicles before women entered the age of 40 years. Women entering menoupause when ovarian function and menstruation stops. Early menopause can be caused by radiation that triggers immunity in the body of the woman.

2. Damage On Line Egg (Tuba)

Blockage or presence of abdominal tissue due meradangnya fallopian tubes thereby affecting fertility. Damage is caused due to infection by a sexually transmitted disease chlamydia teruatama. Other cases may be due to blockage of the stage of disease due to inflammation after surgery or an ectopic pregnancy.

3. Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS)

Is a condition that results in the production of androgen hormones and one of the causes of infertility in women. This imbalance would lead to PCOS problems with ovulation and menstruation cycle disruption.

4. Endometriosis

Uterine tissue growing on the outside of the uterus that affect the ovaries, fallopian tubes, the egg, the uterus and sperm function. In mild cases, conception may occur because not all women experience fertility problems.

5. Ovary scarring

Physical damage to the ovaries can affect a woman's ovulation, this damage can be caused due to a cyst surgically ovararium. Constant operation will result in a wider abdomen tissue, follicles attached will cause interference with the process of ovulation is incomplete.

6. Adhesion Pelvis

Abdominal tissue due to pelvic surgery, appendectomy will interfere with fertility that alter the structure of the fallopian tubes and experiencing the difficult journey to the female egg. So often cause disturbances in fertility due to travel through obstructed channels.

7. Thyroid Problems

Hipertitodisme this condition due to abnormal thyroid gland is overactive, while thyroid hipotorodisme a thyroid condition due to inactivity, both of these conditions can cause fertility problems in women.

8. Treatment of Cancer

When undergoing radiotherapy it may interfere with cancer treatment and result in male or female reproductive system disrupted. This study showed a decrease in fertility due to the side effects of radiation. However this condition will depend on the body part exposed.

9. Lifestyle

Habit with unhealthy lifestyle can affect the fertility of one of them when you are addicted to cigarettes or fast food which contains a lot of unhealthy fats. Note also the consumption of drugs that can cause fertility problems, try to consult a doctor for the prevention of certain drugs.

10. Age

Lastly, age affects fertility, women who have more than 40 years of age will have a number of egg cells are less healthy and less so when the pregnancy at this age would be at risk of miscarriage is higher.