Trying To Conceive A Boy

It’s not so complicated. You don’t have to worry. you can quite easily not only predict but manipulate the gender of your unborn baby. Does that sound unreal to you? Well it shouldn’t. You do not need to spent thousands, you do not need loads of lotions and potions oh no……..

Top 5 Ways to Conceive a Boy!

I am the proud Mummy of two boys aged 5 and 3 and a lovely baby girl aged 18 months. My family is complete. I whole-heartedly believe that i had a lot to do with gender determination at the time of my pregnancy. There was no way I wasn’t going to conceive a boy first time round and then a little play mate for him and finally my little princess. Okay, it took some diligence but I managed it and now, I am going to enlighten you in the hope that you may be as happy as me. These are my top five ways to conceive a boy.

1)    Conceive at the right time of the month. Ovulation is key in determining the gender of your future baby. Male sperm are faster than female sperm, yet they die out a lot quicker. If you have sex on the day of ovulation then those quick little male sperm have got more of a chance of getting to their prize destination. If you have sex too many days before ovulation the boys’ will get where they need to be and then find there is no egg there. What a wasted trip! They will die out and leave the prize to the girls. You can easily calculate your ovulation date by using online calculators, your temperature and also your cervical mucus.

2)    It stands to reason that the more male sperm there are then the higher the chance that one of them is going to fertilize the egg. To increase your partners sperm count avoid sex for one week before ovulation making sure to not waste those sperms energy by calculating your ovulation correctly.

3)    Once the sperm has hit the egg – that’s it. The gender of that little baby is set, there is nothing you can do about it so not matter how you eat you wont change anything. However, adapting your diet so your vagina is more alkaline and therefore more hospitable to the boy sperm is totally possible. Eat all alkaline foods. There is no need to limit your intake or lower your standard of diet in any way just fill up on foods such as bananas, red meats and watermelon and avoid milk, egg, pork lamb and beef amongst others.

4)    Get into position. Because of the male sperm dying quickly but also being very quick when they are alive you give them a really good chance if you get them as close to the goal as possible. Positions such as ‘Doggy style’ that allow for very deep penetration are really good for this.

5)    Douche! The alkalinity of you vagina is really important so to further increase the chance of conceiving a boy you should attempt to lower your PH by douching with an alkaline solution.

Hopefully these tips will help you succeed.

I couldn’t have succeeded without the help of the following resources. I highly recommend you by at least one to help you along the way.