Best Way To Conceive A Boy

Best Way To Conceive A Boy Baby - Few Good Solutions For Having a Son Rapidly

If you consume more potassium rich food you can improve your chances in having a baby boy ( how to conceive a boy naturally ). Potassium helps by lowering the pH of your body and making your cervix more alkaline. Y chromosome spermatozoa that are responsible for making a male baby are more equipped to survive in an alkaline environment.
It has been reported that women who gave birth to boys were consuming at least 300 mg more of potassium than were the mothers of girls. One of the richest sources of potassium are vegetables and baked potato skins with their skins. Consuming a diet high in sodium also may help to make a boy baby. Salty foodstuffs that are recommended for consumption include salted nuts and apricots. Your partner can also add things to his diet to aid the male producing spermatozoa reach the egg first. Zinc helps strengthen the male reproductive system and boosts his testosterone. There are inexpensive tests that can see if he is lacking in zinc and if so zinc can be found in many foods and especially in meats.

Find out about your ovulation and luteal phases and how they can help you become pregnant with a male baby

The second stage of your cycle is called the luteal phase which is named after the corpus luteum which is a structure that grows in the ovary ( having a male baby using natural home methods ). Ovulation will occur when the egg to be released from the ovary and to the fallopian tube and this marks the beginning of the luteal phase. The dominant follicle that has released an egg to be fertilized will be transformed into the corpus luteum. If the egg is not fertilized the corpus luteum dies and uterus lining stops thickening and is consequently shed during menstruation. After implantation a human embryo produces human chorionic gonadotropin which preserves the corpus luteum. If implantation occurs the corpus luteum will continue to produce for ten weeks after which the placenta takes over this function. The luteal phase of a woman’s cycle is consistently around 12-14 days long. While luteal phase length will be fairly consistent from cycle to cycle for one woman it will vary significantly between different women. The luteal phase must be at least 10 or 12 days for the uterine lining to develop sufficiently for an embryo to implant. A luteal phase condition may cause early miscarriage but you can remedy this problem with progesterone shots and fertility drugs.

By following a high alkaline diet you can make a baby boy easily 

Body pH will oscillate and is determined by what foods you consume. A high pH level enables conceiving a baby girl while a low pH level enables for a boy. A high pH level creates a hostile environment in the vagina for the Y chromosome carrying sperm. If you would like to have a son it is important that you lower your pH by consuming high alkaline foods. Alkaline rich food tilts the pH level of the cervical fluid making it less acidic. If your cervical fluid is alkaline it is more conducive for transmitting the Y chromosomes which are required to make a boy. In order to decrease your pH and increase your chances of having a son you should eat less acidic foods. In the months leading up to conception try to avoid eating foods that are pickled or contain vinegar. Instead try to incorporate the alkaline foodstuffs such as eggs and fish in your diet. You can visit your doctor or browse the internet to find a complete list of what foods are acidic and what are alkaline.

Find out what your man can do to better his sperm and the possibility of becoming pregnant with a son

To achieve an adequate sperm count and motility men should consider various things that can affect their count ( best way to conceive a boy baby ). The male should refrain from alcoholic drinks as they reduce the quality and quantity of sperm. Men who smoke cigarettes are more likely to have low sperm counts so one should try to avoid it. To increase spermatozoa count before copulation the man should avoid ejaculating for a few days before the woman begins ovulating. Increased scrotal temperature can hamper sperm production and the Y chromosome male sperm are less tolerant of heat. To avoid heating the testicles the man should wear boxers and avoid hot baths. The male should choose to eat plenty of fruits and vegetables that will help improve spermatozoa health. Maintaining a healthy weight will promote healthy spermatozoa counts so it is important that the man includes physical activity in his daily routine. Don’t use KY jelly or skin lotions during intercourse as they can impede the movement of sperm. If the man needs chemotherapy drugs or other medications ask your doctor if the spermatozoa can be retrieved and stored before treatment as these drugs can affect fertility negatively.